Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cricket Capers

What an afternoon! Miss Pulman found out who the hard hitters were - look out Brendon McCullum!
Even Mr Munro came over to check our batting out. We gave a big Whoop, whoop and high fives to our team mates as they added more runs to our tally.


On Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year  by having a chopstick competition. Inside our bowls were noodles and dumplings. Each team had to use the chopsticks to get all the contents out before the buzzer. Then we had a competition to find out who was the fastest table....

The winners received some lucky money for their efforts! 
We also made some mini Chinese dragons.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

House Hoopla!

On Friday we came to school in our house colours. Top left we have Kowhai, then Totara, 
following with Rimu, and finally, Kauri.
To celebrate our competitive spirit, we played a game called fox and Geese. The foxes chased the family of geese who had to try very hard to avoid getting tagged.
As you can imagine, there was plenty of shouting, giggling and a little bit of cheating going on!

We also played Battleship. This is a great game for learning how to follow instructions. The teacher shouts out different commands and the children have to follow them. Can you see which ones we are doing below? 

By the way.....

who stole Miss Pulman's hat??

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Our First Week...

This week we have been revising reading skills. We identified how to retell storylines by using key words to help us recall in greater detail. Each of us made a book with the sections: setting, character, problem and solution. Then we used our books to retell to a partner.

Working together

Room 14 got into groups to rotate around the tables and solve some puzzles together. One person recorded what they were for the group. Then we discussed what we discovered about working together. We decided taking turns and listening to suggestions on ways to manipulate the pieces proved to be most successful. 

Well done Room 14 for following instructions and persevering with a set task!

Celebrating Success

We have been handing out PB4L badges for children who are working hard at being on time.
This happens daily and the children exchange these badges for a house token at the end of the day.
Congratulations to Dylan, Jeremy, Shivali, Ben, Celin, Ashleigh, Katherine and Tayla for their efforts this week. Thank you to the rest of Room 14 who have also been trying hard to be sensible learners. Watch this space for more recipients!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Here we Are!

We have had two busy days getting to know each other and how to be good learners. 
Our focus for PB4L is Being Respectful: being on time.
We have identified ways we can be on time. Here are a few
  • come to the mat when the music starts
  • complete work on time
  • line up after breaks so we are ready to go inside
  • make sure we get ourselves ready in the morning so we are on time for school