Friday, 24 April 2015

How to make Hard Tack and Anzac Biscuits

Today we learnt about some of the foods soldiers ate in the trenches. Hard Tack was a hard biscuit made from wholemeal flour, milk powder, sugar and water. We found out that the soldiers used to crush them up and put them in their tea so it tasted like porridge!
We were surprised to find out we actually liked eating them, but decided that we would not like to eat them everyday!

During our research we also discovered Anzac biscuits were made to be sold at galas and other fundraising events to make money for the soldiers. Only a few ate a rolled oat version while fighting during the First World War.

We made both biscuits this morning and wrote out the recipes using our best handwriting.

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  1. Umm... were those hard tack biscuits nice to eat? I'm not so sure - maybe I'll need a sample Room 14! Now those ANZAC biscuits that's a different matter. They look delicious.