Friday, 14 August 2015

Problem solving with Technology

Make way for emerging aviation engineers!
Room 14 are taking on the skies by learning how to get to the moon...
Well, maybe not the real moon, but we did have to work out how to make our space rocket travel to the moon ( where we discovered the moon is not made of cheese, but cardboard - hee, hee). 
Meanie Miss Pulman handed out some materials and a photograph, but no instructions to follow.

There was plenty of debate, drawing, cutting, fixing, re-drawing, re-cutting and plenty of measuring.
We discovered the tricky parts were
  • making sure our rocket was wide enough for the straws to fit
  • that we attached the string in a loop to the moon BEFORE threading it through the straws
  • our string was the right length and did not twist
  • the tabs for pulling were the right size for holding onto
This made us wonder what it must be like to create a prototype. Key characteristics we decided upon were
  • patience
  • resilience
  • collaboration
  • being organised
Super work Room 14, eat your heart out NASA!

Monday, 10 August 2015

What is Technology?

This term we have been pondering on what technology is. We watched a clip that got us thinking...
We discovered that technology is not just computers, smart phones and televisions, but stuff that contributes towards making our lives better. 
We tested this criteria by debating whether a chair or table was technology. 
Some of us thought that no, chairs are not made of rubber or metal, so they can't be technology.
Others decided that a table was most definitely technology because it stopped you from eating on the floor and that makes our lives better.

We were very lucky to have some helpful children bring in their ideas of what technology means to them.
We used this opportunity to pose some thoughtful questions
  • what is it made of?
  • what does it do?
  • can you fix it?
  • how does it make our lives better?

Cole bought in his smart watch and explained what it does, (takes photos, tells the time) and how it helps him, ( portable and easy to use).

Jade got us all wondering what her piece of technology was. We thought it was a kind of baby monitor because you could speak into it. Jade explained that it was a tool that flashed a very bright light which helped her parents know when someone was at the door, if the phone was on... and if a baby was crying. Jade said this was valuable to her parents because they cannot hear the noises that most people can hear. We all decided that this example was a very well considered and cleverly made device. 

Ashleigh and Tayla bought in a Leapfrog device and tablet. Ashleigh said she used this to play games. Tayla demonstrated how to take a photo with her tablet, which had us all laughing!

After some discussion we began to realise that some technologies exist to support and entertain people. I wonder what we will find out next?